Office of Grants Management Contact Information, Final Work Product Submission, and CPA Audit Confirmation Requests

  1. Contacting the Office of Grants Management

    The best way to reach us is by email at or phone at 202-682-5403. You will be routed to the first available staff member for a timely response. Be sure to provide your award number so we can access your award information quickly.

  2. Final Work Product Submission

    Products such as books, scores, catalogues, DVDs, CDs, and research papers are required only for certain projects. Please do not send these unless you are specifically required to do so.

    Required products will be listed with the other required final reports under the grant’s Forms & Reports tab in REACH, with specifics on how to submit your products noted as “Special Instructions.” Follow the Special Instructions carefully as many products may be submitted electronically.

    If you are required to send a hard copy product, we recommend using a delivery service such as FedEx or UPS. U.S. Postal Service security screening procedures cause delays in delivery and irreversible damage to publications, media materials, or other work products.

  3. CPA Audit Confirmation Requests

    If you require confirmation of award information for your own external audit purposes, please email the request to  and using the subject line "CPA Audit Confirmation Request."

    • The request must include:
    • Your organization's legal name.
    • The award number(s).
    • The specific information your auditor requires, e.g., amount of the award or date of payment(s).
    • Contact information about your auditor – auditor’s name, email, phone number, and mailing address.

If you have questions about an audit confirmation request, please call (202) 682-5491. Failure to provide your award number or sending the request via U.S. Postal Service will delay the audit confirmation.