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NEA Logo

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All images are 300 dpi.

  1. To download .eps files: Click on" download" and follow instructions in dialog box.

  2. To download .tiff files: You will need to "UnZIP" documents. For Windows, get a free copy of WINZIP; for the MAC, use STUFFIT. Click on "download" and follow instructions in dialog box.

  3. To download .jpeg files: Click on "download" and image will appear in your browser. Windows: RIGHT CLICK on the image and follow instructions in dialog box. Mac: Press the <control> key, click on the picture, then follow instructions in dialog box.

NOTE: When using the grayscale version of the logo at three inches or smaller, please use the small version.

NEA triangles Logo with National Endowment for the Arts Black &amp; wite NEA triangles logo with National Endowment for the Arts
eps (nea-lockup-A.eps)
tiff ( nea-lockup-A.tif)
jpg (nea-lockup-A.jpg)
eps (nea-lockup-B.eps)
tiff (nea-lockup-B.tif)
jpg (nea-lockup-B.jpg)
small version  eps (nea-lockup-C.eps)
tiff (nea-lockup-C.tif)
jpg (nea-lockup-C.jpg)

If your project takes place between October 2015 and September 2016, you can use the NEA’s 50th anniversary logo below.

NEA logo, 50th Anniversary version NEA 50th anniversary logo black and white version
eps: 50Year_Logo-02.eps
tiff: 50Year_Logo-02.tif
jpg: 50Year_Logo-02.jpg
reverse type:
large version
eps: 50Year_Logo_Large.eps
tiff: 50Year_Logo_Large.tif
jpg: 50Year_Logo_Large.jpg
reverse type:
small version
eps (50Year_Logo_Small.eps)
tiff (50Year_Logo_Small.tif)
jpg (50Year_Logo_Small.jpg)
reverse type