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All images are 300 dpi.

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NOTE: When using the grayscale version of the logo at three inches or smaller, please use the small version.

Logo:National Endowment for the Arts, arts dot gov on the right, red, blue, and yellowtriangles with ART WORKS underneath Black &amp; wite NEA triangles logo with National Endowment for the Arts
eps (aw-color-logo-large.eps)
tif ( aw-color-logo-large.tif)
jpg (aw-color-logo-large.jpg)
eps (nea-lockup-B.eps)
tif (nea-lockup-B.tif)
jpg (nea-lockup-B.jpg)
small version
eps (aw-color-logo-small.eps)
tif (aw-color-logo-small.tif)
jpg (aw-color-logo-small.jpg)
small version
eps (nea-lockup-C.eps)
tiff (nea-lockup-C.tif)
jpg (nea-lockup-C.jpg)