Part 200 Uniform Guidance Updates Effective November 12, 2020

If you receive an award after October 1, 2020 it will fall under OMB’s revised 2 CFR 200 Guidance for Grants and Agreements and other updates to Parts 25, 183, and 170.  These are in effect as of November 12, 2020.  Some changes include,

  1. The de minimis indirect cost rate is available for all organizations including those whose indirect cost rate agreement is expired, if approved by the Arts Endowment.
  2. Final reports are due 120 days after the end date of the period of performance (previously, 90 days).
  3. If acceptable final reports are not submitted within one year from the end date of the period of performance the Arts Endowment is required to report your organization to FAPIIS, the Federal Awardee Performance and integrity Information System, for material failure to comply with the award Terms and Conditions

See our General Terms and Conditions for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Organizations (11.2020).