Artist Communities: FY 2010 Grants Panelists

Access to Artistic Excellence
July 21-22, 2009

Erin Donnelly 
Director of Artist Residencies 
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council 
New York, NY 

Craig Keller (Layperson)
Communications Manager
I-GO Car Sharing
Chicago, IL

John E. McGuirk 
Arts Program Director
The James Irvine Foundation
Santa Rosa, CA

Karen Parrott 
Executive Director
Dorland Mountain Arts Colony
Temecula, CA

Lawrence Simpson 
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Berklee College of Music
Brookline, MA

Mayumi Tsutakawa 
Writer and Editor; Museum Curator
Program Manager
Washington State Arts Commission
Seattle, WA

David Wells 
Executive Director
Madison, WI