Artist Communities: FY 2019 Grants Panelists

Art Works - Panel A
July 18, 2018

Nicole Dowd
Program Director
Halcyon House
Washington, DC

John Heffern (Layperson)
Resident Senior State Department Fellow
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy School of Foreign Service
Georgetown University
Vienna, VA

Amy Kaherl
Director of Curation and Programming
Detroit, MI

Rebecca Kelada
Executive Director
Surel's Place, Inc.
Carrboro, NC

Holly McAdams Olson
Program Director
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
Union, NE

Art Works - Panel B
July 19, 2018

Imani Jacqueline Brown
Director of Programs
Press Street
New Orleans, LA

Allison Celebron-Brown
President + CEO
McColl Center for Art & Innovation
Charlotte, NC

John Gaudin (Layperson)
Argenta Wealth Management
North Little Rock, AR

Hillary Kempenich
Artist Consultant
Grand Forks, ND

David Szlasa
Director, Petronio Residency Center
Stephen Petronio Dance Company, Inc.
Germantown, NY