Folk & Traditional Arts: FY 2024 Grants Panelists

Grants for Arts Projects II - Panel A
December 12, 2023

Patrick Cole (Layperson)
Larkin Hoffman
St. Paul, MN

Saly Lee
Executive Director
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Berkeley, CA

Ellen McHale
Executive Director
New York Folklore
Esperance, NY

Thomas Grant Richardson
Center for Washington Cultural Traditions
Humanities Washington
Seattle, WA

Heran Sereke-Brhan
Vice President
Strategic Planning & Community Engagement
Arts Consulting Group
Washington, DC

Jessabet Vivas CapĆ³
Programmatic Advisor, Executive Direction
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena
San Juan, PR

Grants for Arts Projects II - Panel B
December 14, 2023

Johanna De Los Santos
Co-Executive Director, Chief Growth Officer
Art Start, Inc.
Founding Director
Bembe Drum and Dance, Inc.
Franklin, WI

Hillary Kempenich
Arts and Culture Consultant
Multidisciplinary Artist
Grand Forks, ND

Ron McClain (Layperson)
Executive Director
Institute of Mental Hygiene of the City of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Cassie Rosita Patterson
Special Projects Consultant
American Folklore Society, Inc.
Founder and Executive Director 
Southern Ohio Folklife
Blue Creek, OH

Shay Stevens
Community Relations Manager
Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Raleigh, NC

Grants for Arts Projects I - Panel A
July 19, 2023

Jan Davidson (Layperson)
Retired, Former Director
John C Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, NC

Benjamin Hunter
Artistic Director
Northwest Folklife
Seattle, WA

Marianne Kovatch
Associate Program Director, Blue Ridge Music Center
Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
Fries, VA

Terry Liu
Community Arts Consultant
Store Manager
Martin & MacArthur Gallery
Kapaa, HI

Ashley Pourier
Curator, The Heritage Center
Red Cloud Indian School, Inc.
Kyle, SD

Grants for Arts Projects I - Panel B
July 20, 2023

Junious Brickhouse
Founder & Executive Director
Urban Artistry, Inc.
Director, Next Level Program
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adelphi, MD

Juan Dies
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Sones de Mexico Ensemble
Chicago, IL

Ross Fuqua (Layperson)
Data & Digital Projects Librarian, Library Support Division
State Library of Oregon
Salem, OR

Teresa L Hollingsworth
Director of Traditional Arts
South Arts
Atlanta, GA

Queen Nur
Storyteller & Teaching Artist & Folklorist
Executive Director
Grants Administrator & Adopt-A-Teller Co-Director
National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc.
Willingboro, NJ

Grants for Arts Projects I - Panel C
July 21, 2023

Annie Hatch
Consultant, South Dakota Traditional Arts
South Dakota Arts Council
Rapid City, SD

Bryan Jenkins
Postdoctoral Researcher, Project REFOCUS
Howard University
Washington, DC

Betty Marin
Associate Program Director
Alliance for California Traditional Arts
Los Angeles, CA

Meg Shoemaker Little (Layperson)
Chief Program Officer
Welcoming America
Louisville, KY