Museums: FY 2018 Grants Panelists

Art Works - Panel A
July 19, 2017

David L. Butler
Executive Director
Knoxville Museum of Art
Knoxville, TN

Jose C. Diaz
Milton Fine Curator of Art
The Andy Warhol Museum
Pittsburgh, PA

Patrick J. Fn'Piere (Layperson)
The Public Management Group, LLC
Annapolis, MD

Diana M. Nawi
Associate Curator
Perez Art Museum Miami
Los Angeles, CA

Monica Ramirez-Montagut
Museum Director
Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University
New Orleans, LA

Laurie Simmons
Brooklyn, NY

Art Works - Panel B
July 19, 2017

Heather Ahtone
Curator of Native American & Non-Western Art
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
Norman, OK

Gail C. Andrews
The R. Hugh Daniel Director
Birmingham Museum of Art
Birmingham, AL

Josh T. Franco
Latino Collections Specialist Archives of American Art
Smithsonian Institution
Hyattsville, MD

Mark R. Leach
Museum Consultant, Curator, and Author
FionnMark Consulting
Matthews, NC

Lisa Y. Lee
National Public Housing Museum
Chicago, IL

Stacey J. Powell (Layperson)
Finance Gym
Sacramento, CA

Art Works - Panel C
July 20, 2017

Valerie J. Cassel Oliver
Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and
Contemporary Art
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Richmond, VA

Susan E. Chun
Chief Content Officer
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Chicago, IL

Silvia Karman Cubina
Executive Director and Chief Curator
The Bass Museum
Coral Gables, FL

Lester A. Katz
LK Design
Omaha, NE

Erik H. Neil
Chrysler Museum of Art
Norfolk, VA

Carol L. Nichols (Layperson)
Social Worker
Toledo, OH

Art Works II - Panel A
Nov 28, 2017

Maxwell L Anderson
Foundation President
Association of Art Museum Directors Educational Foundation, Inc.
New York, NY

Tish Greenwood
Executive Director
California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks
Santa Monica, CA

Witnie Martinez
Director of Development
Afro-American Cultural Center, Inc.
Concord, NC

Brandon Ruud
Abert Family Curator of American Art
Milwaukee Art Museum, Inc.
Grayslake, IL

Mark Scala
Frist Center for the Visual Arts Inc.
Madison, TN

Robin F Schuldt (Layperson)
Docent: Yale Center for British Art Education
Yale University
Simsbury, CT

Art Works II - Panel B
Nov 28, 2017

Naima J Keith
Deputy Director, Exhibitions and Programs
California African American Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Padilla
Director of Learning and Engagement
Honolulu Academy of Arts
Honolulu, HI

Joseph G Rosa
Director and CEO
Charles and Emma Frye Free Public Art Museum
Seattle, WA

Blair L Williams (Layperson)
Co-Owner and Vice President
Acme Manufacturing Corporation
Tulsa, OK

Pauline Willis
Director and CEO
American Federation of Arts, Inc.
Forest Hills, NY

Laura Youngbird
Director of Native American Art Programs
Plains Art Museum
Breckenridge, MN

Art Works II - Panel C
Nov 29, 2017

Kalia Brooks Nelson
Adjunct Professor
Photography and Imagining
New York University
Nyack, NY

Jill Lynch
Director of Communications
Marketing + Communications
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco, CA

Mary Marsh (Layperson)
Television News Producer/Video Producer
Washington, DC

Joyce Tsai
Clinical Associate Professor
College of Education
University of Iowa Museum of Art
Iowa City, IA

Gilbert Rene Vicario
The Selig Family Chief Curator
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix, AZ

Lyle W Williams
McNay Art Museum
San Antonio, TX