Musical Theater: FY 2019 Grants Panelists

Art Works - Panel
July 10, 2018

Shawn Monte Amdur (Layperson)
Greenwich, CT

Adrian Centeno
Literary Manager
Playwrights' Arena in Los Angeles
North Hollywood, CA

Celia Keenan-Bolger
Board Member
Colt Coeur Theater Company Inc
New York, NY

Ryan Meisheid
Associate Managing Director
Theatre Company Administration
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Denver, CO

Meghan Pressman
Managing Director
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Washington, DC

Art Works II Musical Panel
Oct 30, 2018

Jerry Dixon
Artistic Director
Village Theatre
Seattle, WA

Andrew Isen (Layperson)
Marketing and PR Executive
Washington, DC

Daniel Knechtges
Artistic Director
Theatre Under The Stars, Inc.
Houston, TX

Adena Varner
Director of Education
Center Stage Associates, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

Nella Vera
Director of Marketing
BFV Management
New York, NY