Theater: FY 2019 Grants Panelists

Art Works - Panel A
June 26, 2018

Michael Barker
Managing Director
Westport Country Playhouse, Inc
Trumbull, CT

Audrey Ellen Carmeli
Manager of Corporate & Foundation Relations
State Theatre New Jersey
Keansburg, NJ

Athia Hardt (Layperson)
Public Affairs Consultant
Phoenix, AZ

Mary Santana
Executive Director
Miracle Center
Niles, IL

Amy Thomas
Managing Director
Penumbra Theatre Company, Inc.
Saint Paul, MN

Art Works - Panel B
June 26, 2018

Stan Foote
Artistic Director
Oregon Children's Theatre Company
Portland, OR

Jody Greenspan (Layperson)
Chicago, IL

Kimberly Motes
Managing Director
Children's Theater Company and School
Plymouth, MN

Meiyin Wang
Producer and Curator
California Shakespeare Theater
Berkeley, CA

Sam Yates
George Washington University
Washington, DC

Art Works - Panel C
June 28, 2018

Chris Anthony
Associate Artistic Director
Shakespeare Festival/LA, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Nelson Teng Eusebio
Freelance Stage Director
New York, NY

Jenni Page-White
Literary Manager
Actors Theatre of Louisville, Inc.
Louisville, KY

Cathey C Sawyer
Producing Artistic Director
Greenbrier Repertory Theatre Company
Lewisburg, WV

Timothy Throckmorton (Layperson)
Director of Fiduciary Services
Webster Private Bank
Middle Haddam, CT

Teresa Coleman Wash
Executive Artistic Director
TeCo Theatrical Productions, Inc.
Desoto, TX

Art Works - Panel D
June 28, 2018

Don-Scott Cooper
Executive Director
Le Petit Theatre
New Orleans, LA

Norena B Gutierrez (Layperson)
Austin, TX

Anthony Michael Martinez
Teaching Artist.
New York Theatre Workshop, Inc.
Astoria, NY

Michael Ross
Executive Director
Center Stage Associates, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

Sherri L Young
Founder and Executive Director
African-American Shakespeare Company
San Francisco, CA

Art Works II Panel A
Oct 30, 2018

Emika Abe
Associate Managing Director
Alliance Theatre
Atlanta, GA

Angela Gieras
Executive Director
Associate Artistic Director of New Works
Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Inc.
Westwood, KS

Raelle Myrick-Hodges
Theater Director/Performance Curator
Contemporary Arts Center
Brooklyn, NY

Jeff Revels
Artistic Director
Orlando Repertory Theatre
Orlando, FL

Shayna Danielle Schlosberg
Managing Director
Catastrophic Theatre Inc
Houston, TX

Bill Tompkins (Layperson)
Business Consultant
President of the Board of Directors
Mosaic Theater Company of DC
Chevy Chase, MD

Art Works II Panel B
Nov 09, 2018

Robert Bisor (Layperson)
Equity and Real Estate Investor
Dallas, TX

Martine K Green-Rogers
Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America, Inc.
West Hurley, NY

Patrick Mullins
Director of Public Works
Virginia Stage Company
Norfolk, VA

Harold Steward
Managing Director
The Theater Offensive
Boston, MA

Victor Vazquez
Casting Director/ Line Producer
Washington Drama Society, Inc.
Washington, DC

Art Works II Panel C
Nov 09, 2018

Paul Austin (Layperson)
Research Assistant
Washington, DC

Idris Goodwin
Producing Artistic Director
Stage One Family Theater
Saint Matthews, KY

Hannah Grannemann-Isaac
Asst. Professor & Director of Arts Administration Program
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC

Corey Pearlstein
General Manager
Epic Theatre Center, Inc.
Portland, OR

Kunal Dhiraj Prasad
Actor and Educator
Milpitas, CA

Vincent VanVleet
Managing Director
Phoenix Theatre, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

Art Works II Panel D
Nov 20, 2018

Chad Bauman
Executive Director
Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Inc.
Whitefish Bay, WI

Kevin Bitterman
Director of Institutional Advancement & Partnerships
Theatre Communications Group, Inc.
New York, NY

Jennifer Deering (Layperson)
Grant Writer
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR

Elena Forbes
Director, Elevate
Development Associate, Folger Shakespeare Library
Arlington, VA

Roman Sanchez
Special Projects Manager
Dell'Arte, Inc.
Brawley, CA