FY 2025 Research Grants in the Arts Guidelines Webinar (2.5.24)

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February 27 | March 19 | April 2

Research Resources

Research Agenda: FY 2022-2026 sets forth a five‐year research agenda for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Access working papers, publications, and presentations created through Research Grants in the Arts awards.

Learn more about the NEA Research Labs program and previous awardees.

Publicly Available Data Sources - a list of publicly accessible data sources that include arts-related variables

National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture (NADAC) is a repository that facilitates research on arts and culture by acquiring data, particularly those funded by federal agencies and other organizations, and sharing those data with researchers, policymakers, people in the arts and culture field, and the general public.

Application Resources

The Online Tutorial: Using the Grant Application Form (GAF) provides a step-by-step visual guide to entering information into the applicant portal.

Staff have selected a few example successful Sample Application Narratives from real applications.

Federal Civil Rights and Your Grants Application

In this webinar you can learn about federal Civil Rights compliance requirements when applying for a NEA grant and find guidance on how to accurately communicate your project description and plan.


Projects funded by the NEA must be accessible to people with disabilities.

The Accessibility Requirements for Applicants and Grantees webinar gives a detailed overview, and provides information about the application Assurance of Compliance, post-award accessibility questionnaire, and 504 Self Evaluation requirements. It also provides tips for ensuring access to your programs and facilities.

The Accessibility Checklist and Resources pages have user-friendly tools to assist you in making your organization and project inclusive and available to everyone.

The Accessibility Questions for Recommended Applicants form is required for all recommended grantees. You may preview the form to see what kinds of information we will request if you are recommended for a grant.

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