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Headshot of a man.

Photo by Mathieu Bitton

2017 NEA Jazz Master

One of the best jazz organists, ever…and one of the most sampled jazz musicians.


Headshot of a woman.

Photo by Dave Hall

Author, Crime Fiction

With her character Lou Norton, Hall creates one of the few African American female detectives.


Headshot of a man.

Photo courtesy of Doby Photography/NPR

Art Critic for NPR’s All Things Considered
Bringing a love of art to the craft of criticism


Headshot of a woman.

Photo courtesy of Arena Stage

Actress and former member National Council on the Arts

Living a full life on and off the stage.


Headshot of a man.

Photo courtesy of the artist


Wright on the transformative power of theater and his two portrayals of MLK.


Headshot of a woman.

Photo: DEVIATED THEATRE ©2016 Enoch Chan

Deviated Theatre’s co-founder, artistic director and choreographer.

Creating a new language of dance.


Headshot of a woman.

Photo by Kursat Bayhan

Award-winning photojournalist

With her memoir, It’s What I Do, Lynsey Addario explains how and why she covers war.


Headshot of a man

Photo courtesy of Rohan Spong

Documentary Filmmaker

Winter at Westbeth shines a light on artists and aging.


Headshot of a man.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Actor and Singer

Bringing a modern sensibility to classic characters.


Headshot of a woman.

Photo by Kristina Sherk

Novelist and 2016 Big Read author

Surviving the Khmer Rouge and honoring those who didn’t.

(Injured Military Personnel + Art)

Creating art; changing lives.

Saxophonist and composer

With Presidential Suite, Ted Nash transforms iconic political speeches into an inventive jazz composition.


Headshot of a woman.

Photo copyright 2014 Sharona Jacobs Photography.

Big Read author and 2006 NEA Literature Fellow

Pretty Monsters combines the ordinary and the magical—with flair.


Headshot of a man.

Photo by Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Chef, restaurateur, and author

Creating new flavors with traditional food.


Headshot of a man.

Photo by SweetLips Photography

Award-winning orchestrator and music director

Alex Lacamoire  on bringing Hamilton and In the Heights to life on the stage.