Chico Hamilton on dedication to the music

Now, A Jazz Moment...

For over 70 years, NEA Jazz Master Chico Hamilton has pushed the boundaries of jazz, by using unusual techniques and instrumentation. But he doesn't do so for the sake of attracting audiences.

Chico Hamilton: I don't play music for people. I play music for music's sake. I do my very best that I can. As a matter of fact, I'm perhaps one of the few guys that'll be in a studio and if somebody plays a bad note, if the feeling is there, dynamite, leave the note in. Because that's what you did at that time. I don't go in and redo and redo. To me that's cheating, that's not right. Every time I sit down and play, whether I sound good or bad or indifferent, I'm doin the best I can at that moment. I'm dedicated to the music.

MUSIC: "The Dealer" CD: The Dealer, Impulse 3145479582 (cut 1)

This Jazz Moment with drummer Chico Hamilton was created by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Chico Hamilton on dedication to the music