Dave Brubeck on jazz as the voice of freedom

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Dave Brubeck: The way to get to the rest of the world is through cultural exchange, bringing their artists to this country. In exchange, we go to their countries.

For more than 50 years, NEA Jazz Master Dave Brubeck has traveled the world, forging relationships through music. He's been one of America's best representatives of cultural exchange.

Dave Brubeck: My son was in a drum store in India last year and when he pulled out his credit card to pay the bill for something he bought, they said, "Are you aware of Dave Brubeck? You have the same name." He said, "That's my father." The man standing behind him in line said, "You're father played with my father in 1958 here. My father's just written a book and there's a picture of you with my father," (laughs) so it's still going on. This is the power that we have with jazz because it's "the voice of freedom" all over the world.

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This Jazz Moment with pianist Dave Brubeck was created by the National Endowment.

Dave Brubeck on jazz as the voice of freedom