Dave Brubeck on the oneness of the world's people

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MUSIC: "Strange Meadow Lark," CD: Time Out Columbia/Legacy CK65122 (cut 2)

Dave Brubeck: Almost every culture if you dig deep enough, you're going to find "a oneness of man," worldwide.

NEA Jazz Master Dave Brubeck.

Some of the reason I believe in Jazz is the oneness of man can come through the rhythm of your heart; it's the same any place in the world, that heartbeat. It's the first thing you hear when you're born or before you're born and it's the last thing you hear. Martin Luther King said, "We must live together as brothers, or die together as fools." Now, you can't say it much more direct than that. We've got to get an understanding not just in music, but in religion, in every form of cultural exchange.

MUSIC: up and fades

This Jazz Moment with pianist Dave Brubeck was created by the National Endowment.

Dave Brubeck on the oneness of the world's people