Frank Wess on connecting with the audience

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MUSIC: "Surprise, Surprise" CD: Surprise, Surprise, Chiaruscuro CR(D) 350 (disc 2, cut 5)

NEA Jazz Master Frank Wess believes that a successful performance has everything to do with how you communicate with your audience.

Frank Wess:   I think you can play anything you wanna as long as you take the audience along with you, you know.   You can't run off and leave them, you know.   A lot of times you hear people playing.   And when they end up, they're right where they started, you know <laughs>.   They haven't gone anywhere, you know.   It's like gambling.   You quit while you're winning. You don't wait till you lose all your marbles and then go home broke, you know.  

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This Jazz Moment with saxophonist Frank Wess was created by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Frank Wess on connecting with the audience