George Benson on Miles Davis

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MUSIC: "Paraphernalia" (with Miles), CD: The Essential George Benson, Columbia/Legacy 69699 85215 2 (disc 1, cut 7)

George Benson: Miles was a guy who had probably the greatest insight of any of the musicians in modern time. He could see in people a potential light years beyond what we could imagine ourselves to be.

NEA Jazz Master George Benson regards Miles Davis as one of his most influential mentors.

George Benson: One day he said, ?George, let me tell you what I told Jimi Hendrix." (laughs) You know, that kind of thing. And I said, "Oh, man." To myself I was saying, "Man, Miles is gettin ready to give me the secret to success." I said, "Man, I can't wait to hear this." And he said, "Play loud!" When he said that I laughed, you know. And then I thought about what he said. He?s right. In other words, give them what they want. That's what he was saying. And after that we became good friends. I didn't see him a lot, but every time I ran into him, I learned something.

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George Benson on Miles Davis