Jack DeJohnette on Miles Davis


MUSIC: Keep Hold Of Yourself (Sonny Rollins)

                        CD: Sonny Rollins’ Next Album (Jack DeJohnette on drums)

                        Milestone Records 1972

NEA JAZZ MASTER JACK DEJOHNETTE HAS COLLABORATED WITH MANY OF THE MAJOR FIGURES IN JAZZ – JOHN COLTRANE, ORNETTE COLEMAN, SONNY ROLLINS, THELONIOUS MONK, AND MANY MORE. Jack DeJohnette:  I was like a kid in a candy store in a way.  I mean, I used to LISTEN to these records and I used to PLAY with these records.  And I never thought well, wow, one day I’m gonna be playin’ with these people! IN 1969, DEJOHNETTE REACHED A NEW CAREER HIGH WHEN HE JOINED MILES DAVIS. MUSIC: Feio (Miles Davis)                         CD: Bitches Brew                          Sony Music Entertainment 1970 Jack DeJohnette:  One of the great things about Miles was that he taught you how to play what you DON’T know.  You know, don’t come to the stand to play your clichés.  The gig with Miles was always just challenging. It brought out the best in everybody.  We were always excited to play with him.  You know, we couldn’t wait to get to the bandstand to play this music and see what kind of creative mischief we could get into.  And Miles was great, he loved that and he supported our excursions.  So you know, for me it was really exciting, really a high point in my career. MUSIC: post for punctuation THIS JAZZ MOMENT WITH DRUMMER JACK DEJOHNETTE WAS CREATED BY THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.