Jim Hall's spiritual awakening

Now, A Jazz Moment...

At age 13, with three years of guitar under his belt, NEA Jazz Master Jim Hall heard a recording that changed his life.

Jim Hall: The thing that kind of I call my spiritual awakening was that I heard this marvelous guitar player -- I heard him on a Benny Goodman record. And it was Charlie Christian. The tune was called "Grand Slam" which is a blues in F major.

MUSIC: "Grand Slam" (Charlie Christian with Benny Goodman)

And I remember thinking I wasn't even sure what it was he was doing, but I said whatever that is I wish I could do it. And now when I hear the same record I have the same feeling. (laughs)

MUSIC: same - up and fades

This Jazz Moment With Guitarist Jim Hall was created by the National Endowment for the Arts

Jim Hall's spiritual awakening