Jimmy Cobb on recording Kind of Blue

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MUSIC: All Blues, CD: Kind of Blue Columbia CK 40579 (cut 4)

Jimmy Cobb: I was lucky enough to be in a place where they're gonna to have to remember me by hook or crook. I miss all them guys, but I still got ‘em all in my head.

NEA Jazz master Jimmy Cobb is the last remaining member of the great Miles Davis band that produced Kind of Blue – one of the best selling albums in jazz history. Cobb remembers that the band recorded almost every tune in just one take, without any rehearsals.

Jimmy Cobb: Those guys, being the professionals that they were, they just nailed it every time. All you had to do is tell him what you wanted, and they could produce it.

Cobb still refers to the group as “they” instead of “we”.

Jimmy Cobb: It's almost like I wasn't there. (chuckles) I had such an admiration for all those guys. People ask me, "Did you know it was anything special happening when that was happening?" I said, "No, man. It was just another Miles Davis record that I knew was going to be good because of the clientele. There's no way that anybody could tell me 50 years later, it's going to be as strong as it was when it first came out. If Miles had known that, he’da asked for a lot of money that day. So would've I. (chuckles) He would have asked for a couple of Ferraris -- "Have them parked outside when I get out of here, please.” (chuckles)

MUSIC: up and fades

This Jazz Moment with drummer Jimmy Cobb was created by the National Endowment for the Arts. I’m Delfeayo Marsalis.

Jimmy Cobb on recording Kind of Blue