Phil Woods on his most important teacher

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MUSIC: "I Didn't Know About You" CD: Into the Woods, Concord CCD-4699 (cut 6)

Some young musicians stumble upon a teacher who completely changes the course of their development. 2007 NEA Jazz Master Phil Woods was one of the lucky ones.

Phil Woods: I got a teacher by the name of Harvey LaRose and that's where my life changed. Mr. Larose played alto, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, taught all of those instruments, repaired all of those instruments, and arranged for the local big bands. He was not a jazz man. But he recognized that I had something to say on the saxophone.

MUSIC: "I Remember Bird" CD: Phil Woods at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, MGM Stereo SE-4695 (cut 2)

And he encouraged me to start decorating, that I didn't have to play the melody straight. Urged me to improvise.

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This Jazz Moment with saxophonist and clarinetist Phil Woods was created by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Phil Woods on his most important teacher