Quincy Jones on his early mentors

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MUSIC: "Hard Sock Dance," CD: Quincy Jones's Finest Hour, Verve 069 490 667-2 (cut 8)

Quincy Jones: Basie kind of adopted me at 13. And Clark Terry taught me how to put my horn up here. (can hear him adjusting his lips)

NEA Jazz Master Quincy Jones was lucky to be taken under the wing of a couple great jazz musicians as a young kid in Seattle. Hanging around with musicians is an invaluable way to learn.

Quincy Jones: I used to play hooky and go down to the Palomar Theater cause that's where all the musicians were -- Billy Eckstein, and Bobby Tucker, Sammy Davis, all the musicians. I just wanted to be around great musicians because that's the way you learn, is be around guys that really know what they're doing. I started to watch and pay attention, and shut up and listen.

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This Jazz Moment with producer, arranger, and trumpeter Quincy Jones was created by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Quincy Jones on his early mentors