Sheila Jordan on Charlie Parker's influence

NOW, A JAZZ MOMENT MUSIC:    Ko-Ko (Charlie Parker’s Reboppers)         CD: The History of Jazz – Bebop and Beyond NFM Music Ltd 2010 Sheila Jordan:  I looked at the jukebox and said, oh this looks interesting, Charlie Parker and the Reboppers. And I said I gotta check this out, you know… NEA JAZZ MASTER, SHEILA JORDAN.   …So I put my nickel in and, oh my god, I heard 4 notes, and my hair just stood up on my arms!  I said, I’ll dedicate my life to this music, whether I sing it or teach it or just go and support it.  That was it! SHEILA JORDAN IS ONE OF THOSE RARE VOCALISTS WHOSE STYLE IS MORE INFLUENCED BY INSTRUMENTALISTS THAN BY OTHER SINGERS.  SHE COUNTS CHARLIE PARKER AS HER FIRST AND GREATEST INFLUENCE. Sheila Jordan:  I listened to Bird and I would sing along with him.  I got to the point where I would put a tune on and if it was a tune that he wrote a line to from, say, a standard, I said, oh my god, that’s Embraceable You and I would sing along with it. MUSIC:    Embraceable You (Sheila Jordan)         CD: I’ve Grown Accustomed to the Bass HighNote Records 2007         (post on lyric, “my sweet embraceable you…”) THIS JAZZ MOMENT WITH VOCALIST SHEILA JORDAN WAS CREATED BY THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.  I’M CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE. MUSIC:    up and fades to black