Sheila Jordan on keeping her day job

NOW, A JAZZ MOMENT… MUSIC: Hum Drum Blues (Sheila Jordan)                         CD: Portrait of Sheila

Blue Note Records 2005/1963

                        (“Life can be monotonous…”) Sheila Jordan:  I worked in an office from the time I left home, which was about almost 18.  And I kept working in an office until I was 58 years old. MUSIC: post for punctuation NEA JAZZ MASTER SHEILA JORDAN HAS DEDICATED HER LIFE TO MUSIC.  BUT FOR 40 YEARS, WHILE DEVELOPING HER CRAFT IN THIS UNPREDICTABLE BUSINESS, SHE KEPT A DAY JOB. Sheila Jordan:  I did that because I had a daughter to support and in the beginning I had myself to support.  And I finally, I got the courage to stop and I said then I’ll dedicate myself to music.  But all that time that I worked in an office, I always found a place to sing.  By the time I got home and paid a babysitter, I didn’t make any money.  But I didn’t do it for that.  And I like young singers and young instrumentalists coming up to know that.  You support the music until it can support you.  MUSIC: punctuation THIS JAZZ MOMENT WITH VOCALIST SHEILA JORDAN WAS CREATED BY THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.