Shirley Horn on Miles Davis

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Music: "You Won't Forget Me," CD: But Beautiful, The Best of Shirley Horn, Verve 4068, (cut 13)

It was 1963 at the Village Vanguard club in New York City. NEA Jazz Master Shirley Horn was supposed to record a song with Miles Davis but couldn't do it because of a death in the family.

Shirley Horn: I was saying good bye to Miles. I said I got to go, my grandmother's gone I said but that song, one day we're going to record that together. And he said it's a beautiful song, you won't forget me, that was it.

MUSIC POST: You Won't Forget Me, CD: But Beautiful, The Best of Shirley Horn , Verve 4068, (cut 13)

They finally recorded You Won't Forget Me in 1990. Horn and Davis were very close friends. They also shared a similar musical style.

We both felt that same about the use of silence. We got that from each other.

MUSIC POST: Summertime, CD: I Remember Miles , Verve 314 557 199-2, (cut 3)

In 1999 Shirley Horn won a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocals for this recording , I Remember Miles. It was a tribute to the powerful presence he had in her life.

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Shirley Horn on Miles Davis