Stefon Harris on the influence of Herbie Hancock

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MUSIC: "Maiden Voyage," CD: Maiden Voyage, Blue Note 7243 4 95331 2 7 (cut 1)

NEA Jazz Master Herbie Hancock is one of the pioneers of modern jazz, yet he continues to evolve with every step. His wide-reaching endeavors have influenced countless young musicians, like vibraphonist Stefon Harris.

Stefon Harris: Herbie is a hero for me, he really is. His influence means a lot to me because he's sort of a shining example of how to resolve that conflict between history and the future. Whereas he has the history, he is the history in a sense, he's found a way to take what he's learned in the past over the years, but to continue to evolve and turn it into something new. And seemed to make music beyond idiom. It didn't matter if it had a back beat, if it was swingin, that's not the point. The point was makin beautiful quality music.

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This Jazz Moment on pianist Herbie Hancock was created by the National Endowment for the Arts

Stefon Harris on the influence of Herbie Hancock