Sneak Peek: David Henry Gerson Podcast

Jo Reed: I think if we’re talking about resilience, we have to call out the dancer Mohammad Sabboura.

David Henry Gerson: Also known as B Boy Shadow.

Jo Reed:  Also known as  B Boy Shadow. Talk about exuberance! He’s gone through so much and yet, his spirit and his embrace of life is infectious.

David Henry Gerson: He’s amazing. We met him dancing in Lesvos in Moria. I think the closest word I can associate with Moria is Babel. There are 73 different nations, or there were. It’s actually burned down last year. There were 73 different nations from around the world in one camp that was built for around two thousand people that was housing, at the time that we were there, 14,000 people. I’ve never seen this many people living on top of each other and just the most difficult place I’ve ever been to. He, we met, jumping. Literally doing backflips, flipping around inside of this place. And he said to us, I need to dance every day to get the negative energy out of my body. And it’s like, that’s how we survive as a human species. And is just like a beautiful encapsulation of that, of his ability to just transform energy in his movement and in his body. It’s just really the resilience and the buoyancy of his spirit is something that really felt just totally inspiring and something I was glad to be able to share with people.