Vaccine Voices: Gordon Sasaki

Gordon Sasaki: Hi. My name is Gordon Sasaki. I’m a visual artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The thing I’d like to mention today is the importance of getting vaccinations. When it first became available in my state, I was up in front because one of the primary things I feel is that, in Hawaii, we have this idea of aloha, and aloha means not only hello, goodbye, and I love you, but it also means the feeling of sharing, and I exist because you exist. So one of the things about getting vaccinated for me was really thinking about the people who are around me who I come in contact with, not only friends and families but even strangers, and I really want to be considerate of the other, as well as taking care of myself. So for me, it was a pretty easy decision to get vaccinated. Let’s see. I had it maybe about two months ago and have no ill effects. My arm was a little sore like somebody punched me the next day, but beyond that, it was no problems. And now with the new Delta variant traveling around, it seems even more important that we try and get more people vaccinated, so I thoroughly encourage you. At this point, it seems like there’s nothing to be lost, only to be gained. Thanks.