National Academy of Sciences Workshop: Panel 5

National Academy of Sciences Workshop: Panel 5

Workshop on Research Gaps and Opportunities for Exploring the Relationship of the Arts to Health and Well-Being in Older Adults: Panel 5

Topic: Research Gaps and Opportunities: A Summary. Panelists summarize the workshop and offer their own insights about research needs in the field, addressing specifically such themes as the state of evidence for causal links between arts programs and specific outcomes; appropriate research designs to improve the quality of such evidence; basic and translational research needs; and cost-benefit analyses and other practical considerations for the implementation of evidence-based programs.

Moderator: David Reuben, UCLA. Speakers: Margie Lachman, Brandeis; Art Kramer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Becca Levy, Yale University

The September 14, 2012 workshop focussed on research gaps and opportunities for exploring the relationship of arts participation and creativity to physical health and psychological well-being in older adults.

The workshop was presented by the National Academy of Sciences, Committee on National Statistics, at the request of a consortium of the National Endowment for the Arts and three units within the National Institutes of Health: the National Institute on Aging, the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, and the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine.