Jake Shimabukuro

Honolulu, HI

Jake Shimabukuro is a ukulele player with wide experience in the arts. He first gained notice in the late 1990s with the popular musical group Pure Heart. After the group dissolved, his fame as a solo artist spread throughout Hawai‘i and eventually to Japan. There, in 2001, Shimabukuro signed to Epic Records/Sony Music, which led to a string of hit albums and standing-room-only performances.

Shimabukuro has also played with world-renowned orchestras; at prestigious venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center, and Sydney Opera House; and at music festivals, including Bonnaroo, SXSW, and Fuji Rock Festival. He has also performed for Queen Elizabeth II.

Shimabukuro continues to write and record while maintaining an international concert schedule of 140 live performances a year. He is a loving husband and proud father of two boys. In addition to balancing his career with family, Shimabukuro also remains firmly rooted in his commitment to community, frequently performing at schools in Hawai‘i and overseas to urge kids to “say no to drugs” and inspire them to find their passion. In the process, Shimabukuro has served as a leading figure in the booming popularity of the ukulele, spreading his belief that the world would be a better place if everyone played the ukulele.