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My Arts Story: Veterans Day edition

As we pause to reflect on the tremendous sacrifice that our veterans and their families have made in serving our country, we'd like to share some of the 50th anniversary stories we've collected from veterans and from artists who work with veterans. We hope you'll click on each person's name to read their full testament as to the transformativeand in many caseslife-saving power of the arts.

Do you know a veteran whose life has been changed by the arts? Please encourage them to share their stories with us here

"Our veteran participants find release, acceptance, a safe space, and personal insight into their own emotional workings. They explore and experiment—in the safety of “make-believe”—the big emotions that torment them and hinder them on a daily basis." — Nancy Smith-Watson, Feast of Crispian

"Art has given me my life back."  Lucy Wong

"As artists, we like to believe that our work will touch or change lives for the better and it is my hope that his new work will help bring awareness and shed light on the plight of the families of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans." Denise Gula, Ohio Dance Theatre

"There are those that will say that knowledge is a power, but to me knowledge is a tool that I use to explore the world around me." — Dave Rogers

"During my time in the military, I was able to live all over the country and was able to visit museums that I was only able to read in my textbooks, pushing that desire to further my education to become a part of the arts once again after service." Daniel R. Parra 

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