Data Tables


National Tables (Zip File)

Table 1a. Selected characteristics of artists and the total labor force: 2015-2019

Table 1b. Managers in selected arts industries, by race and Hispanic ethnicity: 2015-2019

Table 1c. Managers in selected arts industries, by gender: 2015-2019


State Tables (Zip File)

Table 2a. All artists

Table 2b. Architects

Table 2c. Landscape architects

Table 2d. Fine artists

Table 2e. Designers

Table 2f. Actors

Table 2g. Producers and directors

Table 2h. Dancers and choreographers

Table 2i. Musicians

Table 2j. Music directors and composers

Table 2k. Entertainers

Table 2l. Announcers

Table 2m. Writers and authors

Table2n. Photographers