Tables Accompanying the NEA Guide to the Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account

Section 1. Adding Value to the Satellite Account: A New Taxonomy for Arts and Cultural Occupations

Tier 1. Core Arts and Cultural Occupations, 2012
Tier 2. Technical and Support Occupations, 2012
Tier 3. Management Occupations for Arts and Cultural Industries, 2012

Section 2. Locating All Occupations (Arts and Non-Arts) Within Arts and Cultural Industries

Employment by Occupation Group, 2012:(Occupations are ranked by number of employees.)
Table A. Top Occupation Groups Employed by Arts and Cultural Industries
Table B. Performing Arts Companies
Table C. Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
Table D. Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions
Table E. Motion Picture and Video Industries
Table F. Sound Recording
Table G. Radio and Television Broadcasting
Table H. Publishing
Table I. Specialized Design
Table J. Photographic Services
Table K. Bookstores and News Dealers
Table L. Florists
Table M. Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing

Section 3. Computing the Monetary Value of Arts and Cultural Workers

Table N. Estimated Value of Arts and Cultural Volunteers, 2012