Creative Forces: Research

Creative Forces invests in research on the impacts and benefits – physical, social, and emotional – of creative arts therapies as innovative treatment methods.

Creative Forces is committed to the pursuit and promotion of clinically relevant biomedical and behavioral research on the effectiveness of creative arts therapies for service members, veterans, family members, and caregivers.  Several strategies are critical to the success of our research program.  They include: informed selection of rigorous research designs; support for multisite studies; funding of research opportunities at Creative Forces sites, and collaboration with other health/rehabilitation disciplines and partners.

Visit the National Resource Center (NRC) to access all research, publications, and more information related to Creative Forces, including links to all published Creative Forces clinical research studies.

Key clinical research findings indicate that creative arts therapies can:

Additional key findings specifically related to art therapy and music therapy are available in the Clinical Research Findings section of the NRC.

Additional research links: