Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Poetry!

By Paulette Beete
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Poetry

Click on the title of each poem to read it in full. And visit poets.org to browse a much wider selection of poems in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

excerpt from poem by Maria Luisa Arroyo

"One day I will write you a letter/ after I have gathered enough words/ that blossom without thorns..."-- from "gathering words" by María Luisa Arroyo

excerpt from poem by Ada Limon

"Tell me what it is to be the thing rooted in shadow./ To be the thing not touched by light (no that's not it)/ to not even need the light? I envy; I envy that." -- from "Notes on the Below" by Ada Limón

excerpt from poem by Victor Hernandez Cruz

"The campesino takes off his ht--/ As a sign of respect/ toward the fury of the wind..."-- from "Problems with Hurricanes" by Victor Hernández Cruz

excerpt from poem by Raquel Salas Rivera

"if i'm going to expore my nationality, i have to be recognizable. this is what everyone knows. in fact, if i'm not recognizable, it's as if i had no nation." -- from "notes on the seasons" by Raquel Salas Rivera

excerpt from poem by Urayoan Noel

"please note: each word must be a catacomb,/ must be a sepulcher and must be a/ cradle in some sort of aporía/ where bodies draw on song as guns are drawn..." -- from "No Longer Ode" by Urayoán Noel

excerpt from poem by Monica de la Torre

"The translator knows that nothing the poet has ever said or written/ reveals as much about him as the expression on his face when he/ was asked to pose for a picture..." -- from "On Translation" by Mónica  de la Torre

excerpt from poem by Alberto Rios

"In that childhood place and border place/ The Fourth of July, like everything else,/ It meant more than just one thing." -- from "Day of the Refugios" by Alberto Ríos

excerpt from poem by Cecilia Llompart

"Somewhere there are phantoms having their/own funerals over and over again. The same// scene for centuries. The same moon rolling/down the gutter of the same sky..." -- from "Do Not Speak of the Dead" by Cecilia Llompart