Fast Five Facts on Suffrage and the Arts

Book cover with Illustration of women marching in the background.

Did you know...that both sides in the women's suffrage movement targeted the role of mothers in their campaigns? Anti-suffragists insisted women's suffrage would break housholds apart, while pro-suffragists predicted increased power for individual families. 

Did you know...that at the turn of the 20th century, postcards were as popular as the internet is today, making them a powerful tool for the women's suffrage movement?

Did you know...that suffragist Lou Rogers was one of the first American women to make her career as a cartoonist? Her earliest konwn work appeared in Judge magazine in 1908.

Did you know...that the use of visual imagery in the American suffrage movement was inspired by British suffrage artists like Mary Lowndes who founded the U.K.'s Artists' Suffrage League?

Did you know...that Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman" speech enjoyed new popularity in modified form 12 years after she first delivered it at a woman's rights convention in 1851?

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