Arts Education Spotlight: Deep Center (Savannah, Georgia)

By Paulette Beete
High school students sit around a table while one student stands and speaks

Students in Savannah, Georgia, participate in Deep Center's Block by Block program, which has received support from the NEA. Photo by Laura Mulder

Savannah, Georgia’s Deep Center empowers young people to realize that their stories are worth celebrating. They, in turn, help their city understand how the story the city tells about Savannah's children is wrong. Two of the organization’s signature programs—both of which have received NEA support—include the Young Author Project, which helps middle-schoolers turn their lives into published stories, and the Block by Block program, during which high school students research and document the history of Savannah’s neighborhoods, and weave these histories together with their own contemporary experiences. We spoke with Deep Center Executive Director Dare Dukes to learn more. Get the story.