The New Issue of American Artscape Focuses on Arts and Health

By Paulette Beete
cover of American Artscape with photo of two young Black girls holding musical instruments in an outdoor setting

Accent Pontiac musicians Deshaun Arnett (left) and Lay’Onna Scruggs (right) are all smiles while warming up to perform at the 2023 End of Year Showcase concert. Photo courtesy of Jeff Dunn Photography

Mindful of the toll that the pandemic has also taken on the arts and cultural sector, the new issue of American Artscape looks at some of the ways that the arts continue to address and contribute to public health, healing, well-being, and community resilience. These are just a few of the stories demonstrating the importance of the arts sector and the incredible power of the arts to help individuals, organizations, and communities come out of a difficult time, think differently about how they live, take control of their own narratives, and advance efforts to be whole. Living an artful life is essential to living a healthy life. Read the new issue.