Give it up to these women artists doing incredible in the arts!
“Recovery happens only in community.” — Jonathan Shay, clinical psychiatrist and author known for his treatment of combat trauma suffered by Vietnam veterans Today, the National Endowment for the Arts unveils an expanded partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense called Creative Forces: NEA...
For deaf individuals, the inherently verbal nature of theater poses obvious, often prohibitive challenges. While some theaters have made closed captioning available to audiences, others approach deafness as a unique artistic opportunity rather than as an obstacle to be worked around. One of the...
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The Anderson Center opens its doors as the first and only Deaf artist residency in the United States.
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As Nicholas Viselli says, there are certain professional limitations that sometimes come along with disabilities: “If I'm in a wheelchair, I might not ever be able to work construction on a high-rise building. If I'm blind, I might not ever be able to be a brain surgeon.” But in the arts, whether...