Missoula Children's Theatre: Magic Happens When Kids Do Theater

02 MCT's The Emperor's New Clothes.jpg

Children in costumes on stage portraying an emperor and his people.

Missoula Children's Theatre's production of The Emperor's New Clothes. Photo by Megan Brown


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Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) introduces kids around the country to the wonders of performing.  MCT’s little red truck arrives and is fully loaded: from script to costumes to sets. The only thing they need is the cast—which they find in the local children. One week later, these kids come together and perform an original 60-minute musical production for their community.  This public art performance does something magical not just for the children but for their parents, teachers and neighbors.  MCT Executive Drector Michael McGill takes us through how the company turns community into art.

Children in black tee-shirts dancing around.

Children performing at Missoula Children's Theatre's Performing Arts Camp. Photo by Megan Brown