GRANTS FOR ARTS PROJECTS: Artistic Disciplines

We fund arts projects. Select the discipline that most closely aligns with your project. Discipline descriptions and project types:

Contact us if you are not sure which discipline to select.

If your project is developed and managed by a local arts agency, review the Local Arts Agency information. If you are proposing an education project for youth, see “Choosing the Right Discipline for Youth Projects” for more information.

In limited cases, staff may transfer an application to a discipline other than the one that was selected by the applicant to ensure appropriate panel review. However, we cannot guarantee that an application will be transferred in all cases where this might be desirable. Contact us if you have any questions about which discipline is most appropriate for your project. Each discipline has different instructions. Be sure to download the instructions according to the discipline that best suits your project.


Federal regulations require that all NEA-funded projects be accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities may be audiences, visitors, artists, performers, teaching artists, students, staff, and volunteers. Funded activities should be held in a physically accessible venue, and program access and effective communication should be provided for participants and audience members with disabilities. If your project is recommended for funding, you will be asked to provide detailed information describing how you will make your project physically and programmatically accessible to people with disabilities.

National Historic Preservation Act and/or the National Environmental Policy Act Review

Recommended projects may be subject to the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and/or the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance review.

Some of the common project types that garner a review are:

  • A project involving or occurring near or at a historic place, such as a property that is 50 years old or older, or a place listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The commissioning and installation of temporary or permanent outdoor installations, including sculptures, statuary, banners, mixed media, painting or murals, as well as small structures such as benches, bus shelters, and produce stands.
  • An outdoor arts festival.
  • Permanent wayfinding signs and other similar artistic directional installations.
  • Maintenance or rehabilitation of landscapes and gardens.
  • In-kind replacement or repairs at a facility that is older than 50 years of age.
  • Design services and planning for projects that may affect historic properties.

See more information about NHPA/NEPA review under Award Administration.