FY15-17 Final Descriptive Report: ARTS EDUCATION

For projects awarded under the Arts Education Discipline (grant number 15-5100-7xxx).

The Final Descriptive Report - Arts Education (FDR - Arts Education) is due 90 days after the end of the award period. It consists of three Parts. All three Parts must be submitted for the report to be complete.

The FDR - Arts Education, Part I & II, must be completed using Adobe Reader 9 or later. Mac users: do not use Preview. If you don't have Adobe Reader 9 or later, click Adobe Reader download. The completed FDR must be e-mailed as a PDF to FinalReports@arts.gov. No scans will be accepted.

Part III, the Geographic Location of Project Activity report, must be completed online.

Review the Tips for FY 15-17 Final Reports before completing the FDR. They include important guidance on formatting, completion, and submission of the final report.

Click on the links below to access the FDR - Arts Education.

Part I & II: Narrative and Data

Part III: Geographic Location of Project Activity