Case Studies: How Did They Fund It?

Intended as an educational tool for filmmakers and organizations, this case study series offer analyses of project funding for the lifecycle of independent documentary films. Each case study provide an inside look at the challenges and opportunities faced by filmmakers while completing an independent film project, from development to distribution. Readers will learn from the real-life scenarios encountered by these filmmakers, which include practical tips for avoiding common pitfalls and offer action items for strengthening the ability of filmmakers to complete independent projects. In addition, each case study include a detailed synopsis of resources used during each project phase, uplifting the many ways financial and non-financial resources contribute to a project’s success and shows resource providers where additional support may be needed to better sustain the careers of independent filmmakers.

Each case study includes:

  • Project narrative
  • Action items for filmmakers and organizations
  • Resource map
  • Film statistics

Case Study 01
Brooklyn Castle Award-winning filmmaker Katie Dellamaggiore shares details about running her production company, Rescued Media, and the resources that made her directorial debut a reality.

Case Study 02
Last Day of Freedom First-time filmmakers Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman tell the story of making the animated documentary short that won an Emmy and scored an Oscar nomination.

Additional case studies will be released in late spring 2020.