Research Grants in the Arts: Full Listing of Papers by Grantee Organization

AHEPA Affordable Housing Management Company Inc

Chang, LinChiat, Helen Kivnick, Linda Davis, Betty Montgomery, & Judith-Kate Friedman. “Impact Assessment of Music Engagement Programs and Vital Involvement Model on Low-income Elders in Subsidized Housing Communities” (working paper, 2019).

Arizona State University

Etheridge Woodson, Stephani, Seline Szkupinski Quiroga, Tamara Underiner, & Robert Farid Karimi. “Of Models and Mechanisms: Towards an Understanding of How Theatre-Making Works as an ‘Intervention’ in Individual Health and Wellness”. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance 22 (2017): 465-481. Free pre-print version.

Frenette, Alexandre & Timothy J. Dowd. “Who Stays and Who Leaves? Arts Education and the Career Trajectories of Arts Alumni in the United States” (working paper, 2018).

Boise State University

Ashley, Amanda J., & Leslie A. Durham. “Universities as Arts and Cultural Anchors: Moving Beyond Bricks and Mortar to Artist Workforce Development” (working paper, 2019).

Boston College

Hogan, Jillian, Sara Cordes, Steven Holochwost, Ehri Ryu, Adele Diamond, and Ellen Winner. “In More Time in General Music Class Associated with Stronger Extra-Musical Outcomes in Kindergarten?”. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 45 (2018): 238-248.

Niemi, Laura. "The Arts & Economic Vitality: Relationships Between the Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation in the Workplace" (working paper, 2014).

The Brookings Institution

Carol Graham, Soumya Chattopadhyay, & Jai Roberto Lakhanpal. “Using New Metrics to Assess the Role of the Arts in Well-Being: Some Initial Results from the Economics of Happiness” (working paper, 2014).

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Drake, Jennifer, "Expressive Drawing: Examining the Long-Term Psychological and Psychophysiological Benefits" (working paper, 2016).

California State University, Northridge

Kim, Ah-Jeong, & David Boyns. “Joining the Spectrum: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Theatre as an Intervention for Autism Diagnosed Teens” (working paper, 2015).

California State University, Stanislaus

Helzer, Jennifer J. "MapGIS – Measuring Art Participation with GIS" (2014).

Carnegie Hall

Hinesley, Jennifer, Saba Masho, Anny Claude-Joseph, Rashel Charles, Sarah Cunningham, Kristen Olsen, Susan Kornstein, Manuel Bagorro, Ann Gregg, Sarah Johnson, Brandi Mathis, Tiffany Ortiz, Kate Pfaff, Aline Baday, Walter Vazquez, & Ellen Walk. “The Lullaby Project: A Musical Intervention for Pregnant Women” (2018).

Wolf, Dennie P., & Steven Holochwost. "Our Voices Count: The Potential Impact of Strength-Based Music Programs in Juvenile Justice Settings" (2014).

Children’s Mercy Hospital

Abdel-Rahman, Susan M., Nicole McClure Kurlbaum, & Stan Fernald.Scientists, Students, and Crowds: A Collaboration to Improve Health Literacy”. World Journal of Social Science 5:1 (2018): 1-11. Free pre-print version.

Chorus America Association

Grunwald Associates LLC and Chorus America. “The Chorus Impact Study: Singing for a Lifetime” (2019). Also available at Chorus America.

Christopher Newport University

Hall, Thomas W. “Determinants, Effects, and Funding of Arts Consumption” (working paper, 2015). Also available in updated format at Social Science Research Network.

City Lore

Garfinkel, Molly. “Community Anchors USA: Sustaining Religious Institutions, Social Clubs, and Small Businesses That Serve as Community Cultural Centers” (working paper, 2020).

City of New Orleans

Office of Cultural Economy, City of New Orleans; Asakura Robinson Company LLC; and Mt. Auburn Associates. “Career Paths and Obstacles in New Orleans’ Cultural Economy” (2017).

Columbia University, Teacher’s College

Hafeli, Mary, & Rob Horowitz. “Learning In and Through the Arts: Transfer and Higher Order Thinking” (working paper, 2017).

Concordia University Chicago

Rajan, Kumar, Rekha Rajan., Lydia Manning, & Denis Evans. "Aging Audiences: Association of Live Performance Attendance and Cognitive Decline in a Biracial Sample". Journal of Aging and Health 30 (2018): 445-457. Free pre-print version.

Creative Alliance Milwaukee Inc.

Harris, Christine, Margaret Collins, & Dennis Cheek. "America's Creative Economy: A Study of Recent Conceptions, Definitions, and Approaches to Measurement Across the USA" (2013).

Drexel University

Radl, Donna, Joke Bradt, & Maureen Vita. “Effects of Art Therapy on Emotional Distress in Female Cancer Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial” (working paper, 2015).

Duke University

Nechyba, Thomas, Lorrie Schmid, Menna Mburi, & Katie Wyatt. “Elements of Organizational Success: Understanding Differences in Structure and Values in El Sistema USA Programs” (working paper, 2017).

East Carolina University

Bukoski, Kate, David Griffith, & Meghan Millea. “The Social and Economic Impacts of the GlasStation on the Town of Farmville, North Carolina” (working paper, 2020).

Fordham University

Maschi, Tina, Jerry Miller, William Rowe, & Keith Morgen. "An Evaluation of a Cultural Arts Program for Youth in a Juvenile Justice Program: Technical Report" (working paper, 2013).

Miller, Jerry & William Rowe. "Art-ternative to School Suspension" (working paper, 2013).

George Mason University

Alegrado, Alenamie and Adam Winsler. “Predictors of Taking Elective Music Courses in Middle School Among Low-SES, Ethnically Diverse Students.” Journal of Research in Music Education, 68 (2020): 5-30. Free pre-print version.

Gara, Taylor V., and Adam Winsler. "Selection Into, and Academic Benefits From, Middle School Dance Elective Courses among Urban Youth." Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts 14 (2020): 433–450. Free pre-print version.

Matto, Holly C., Catherine J. Tompkins, Emily S. Ihara, Megumi Inoue, & Ayla Byrd. “Music, Imagery, and Movement:  An Intervention to Improve Mood in Older Adults in Assisted Living: ‘Music is Like a Family Member Sitting Next to You” (working paper, 2016).

Matto, Holly C., Catherine J. Tompkins, Emily S. Ihara, Megumi Inoue, & Ayla Byrd. “Results From a Music, Imagery, and Movement Treatment Intervention in a Long-Term Care Facility.” Family in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services 96 (2015): 277-283.

Winsler, Adam, Taylor V. Gara, Alenamie Alegrado, Sonia Castro, & Tanya Tavassolie. “Selection Into, And Academic Benefits From, Arts-Related Courses in Middle School for Low-Income, Ethnically Diverse Youth.”  Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts 14 (2020): 415–432. Free pre-print version.

Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Noonan, Douglas S. "How US Cultural Districts Reshape Neighborhoods." Cultural Trends 22 (2013): 203-212. Free pre-print version. Accessed December 13, 2013.

Breznitz, Shiri M., & Douglas D. Noonan. "Arts Districts, Universities, and the Rise of Digital Media." The Journal of Technology Transfer 39 (2014): 594-615. Free pre-print version.

Noonan, Douglas D., & Shiri M. Breznitz. “Arts Districts, Universities, and the Rise of Media Arts.” In Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development, edited by Michael Rushton, 118-143. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2013.

Global Writes

Gerstein Ramsey, Lori, Dawn Boyer, & Alyssa Byrne. “The Mirror and the Canyon: Reflected Images, Echoed Voices” (working paper, 2015).

Gerstein Ramsey, Lori, Esti Hellmann, & Susanne Harnett. “The Mirror and the Canyon: Reflected Images, Echoed Voices: Chapter Two” (working paper, 2017).

Harvard University

Dietz, Nathan, Melissa S. Brown, Lawrence McGill, Kiley Kerr Arroyo, Jim Bildner, & Sarah Reibstein.  "Birth and Mortality Rates of Arts and Cultural Organizations, 1990-2010" (working paper, 2013).

Dietz, Nathan, Melissa S. Brown, Lawrence McGill, Kiley Kerr Arroyo, Jim Bildner, & Sarah Reibstein. "Birth and Mortality Rates of Arts and Cultural Organizations, 1990-2010." Paper presented as part of the NEA Research: Art Works Panel (Chair, Melissa M. Menzer) at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Hartford, CT, November 2013.

Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Foundation Inc. (The I’m Still Here Foundation)
Zeisel, John, Michael J. Skrajner, & Gregg J. Gorzelle. “Evaluating the Effects of Meet Me at the Movies on Persons with Dementia” (working paper, 2016).

Indiana University

Miller, Angie L., Amber B. Dumford, Sally Gaskill, Rebecca Houghton, & Steven J. Tepper. “To Be or Not to Be (an Arts Major): Career Aspirations and Perceived Skills of Graduating Seniors Across Multiple Disciplines” (working paper, 2016).

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Woronkowicz, Joanna, & Douglas S. Noonan. “Who Goes Freelance? The Determinants of Self-Employment for Artists.” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (2017). Free pre-print version.

Woronkowicz, Joanna, & Douglas S. Noonan. “The Entrepreneurial Artist: The Same, or Different, than Other Non-Artist Entrepreneurs.” Blog Post for Accessed March, 20, 2018.

League of American Orchestras

Voss, Zannie, Glenn Voss, Karen Yair, & Kristen Lega. “Orchestra Facts: 2016-2014: A Study of Orchestra Finances and Operations, Commissioned by the League of American Orchestras” (2016). Also available at League of American Orchestras.

Matheny School and Hospital

Robey, Kenneth L., Michael D. Reed, Phylliss Steiner, & Bonnie Fader Wilkenfeld. "Fine Arts Participation, Self-Determination, and Locus of Control among Persons with Developmental Disabilities". Arts & Health 10 (2016): 45-56. Free preprint version.

Mississippi State University

Thomas, M. Kathleen. "Music Education and Its Causal Impact on Student Engagement and Success: A Program Evaluation of Little Kids Rock" (working paper, 2016).

National Center for Creative Aging

Jeffri, Joan, Victoria M. Rizzo, & Patricia A. Miller. "ART CART: Saving the Legacy: A Feasibility Study for a National Model of Health Promotion and Wellness among Older Adults" (2014).

National Dance Education Organization

Bradley, Karen, Jane Bonbright, & Shannon Dooling. "Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting" (2013).

Bradley, Karen, Jane Bonbright, & Shannon Dooling. "Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting Brochure" (2013).

National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago

Bradburn, Norman. "An Investigation into the Feasibility of Establishing an Arts and Culture Research Network" (2013). *This paper was funded under an NEA Chairman's Action Grant.

The New School

Castano, Emanuele, Alison Jane Martingano, and Pietro Perconti. "The Effect of Exposure to Fiction on Attributional Complexity, Egocentric Bias and Accuracy in Social Perception." Plos one 15 (2020): e0233378. Free pre-print version.

Kidd, David, and Emanuele Castano. “Reading Literary Fiction and Theory of Mind: Three Preregistered Replications and Extensions of Kidd and Castano (2013).” Social Psychological and Personality Science 10 (June 2019): 522-531. Free pre-print version.

North Carolina State University

Danielsen, Bartley R., David M. Harrison, & Jing Zhao. “Arts-Based Charter Schools as Urban Redevelopment Catalysts: Santa Ana, California’s Orange County School of the Arts” (working paper, 2015).

Northeastern University

Wassall, Gregory, & Neil Alper. “The Importance of a College Major in the Arts to Artistic Success” (working paper, 2017).

Occidental College

Sherman, Aleksandra, & Nancy Marie Mithlo. “Seeing American Indians: Self, Other, and the Role of Visitor Mindset in Museums” (working paper, 2018).

Ohio State University

Lee, Bridget Kiger, Patricia Enciso, & Megan Brown. “The Effect of Drama-based Pedagogies on K-12 Literacy-Related Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of 30 Years of Research” (working paper, 2019).

Omaha Conservatory of Music

StClair, Lisa. “String Sprouts Annual Evaluation: 2015-2016” (working paper, 2016).

Sam Houston State University

Theodori, Gene L., Cheryl L. Hudec, & Charlotte Drumm. “An Investigation of Arts-Based Rural Community Development” (working paper, 2015).

Pennsylvania State University Hershey Medical Center

George, Daniel R., Clair de Boer, & Michael J. Green. “'That Landscape is Where I’d Like to Be…' Offering Patients with Cancer a Choice of Artwork”. JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association 317 (2017): 890-892. Free pre-print version.

George, Daniel R., Clair de Boer, Joel Hammer, Margaret Hopkins, Tonya King, & Michael J. Green. “The Value of Integrating Visual Arts (VIVA): Evaluating the Benefits of Hospital Room Artwork on Inpatient Wellbeing” (working paper, 2017).

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Matlon, Mina Para, Ingrid Van Haastrecht, & Kaitlyn Wittig Mengüç. "Figuring the Plural: Needs and Supports of Canadian and US Ethnocultural Arts Organizations" (2014).

Sundance Institute

Pieper, Katherine M., Marc Choueiti, & Stacy L. Smith. "Race and Ethnicity in Independent Films: Prevalence of Underrepresented Directors and the Barriers They Face" (working paper, 2014).

Temple University

Dileo, Cheryl, Yukiko Mitsudome, & Jin-Hyung Lee. "Effects of Music on Quality of Life across the Lifespan: A Meta-Analysis" (working paper, 2014).

Texas A&M University

Bowen, Daniel H., & Brian Kisida. "Arts Education Partnerships: Sources of Harmony and Dissonance with Cultural Institutions’ Collaborative Efforts." Cultural Trends 28 (2019): 379-390.

Bowen, Daniel H., & Kisida, B. “Investigating Causal Effects of Arts Education Experiences: Experimental Evidence from Houston’s Arts Access Initiative” (2019). Also available at Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Tufts University

Rubin, Carolyn, Peter Levine, Virginia Rall Chomitz, & Cynthia Woo. “Can the Arts Combat the Negative Effects of Gentrification?: The Pao Arts Center in Boston’s Chinatown” (working paper, 2019).

University of Chicago

Novak-Leonard, Jennifer L. “Immigrants, Arts Participation, and the Shifting Cultural Landscape in the US: An Empirical Analysis” (working paper, 2015). Also available at RAND.

University of Dayton

Polzella, Donald J., & Jeremy S. Forbis. "Relationships between Traditional Music Audience Participation and Pro-Social Behaviors". Empirical Studies of the Arts 32 (2014): 109-120. Free pre-print version.

Polzella, Donald J., & Jeremy S. Forbis. "Relationship between Exposure to Music and Pro-Social Behavior".  Poster presented at the 28th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, May 2016. Also available at APS Open Science Framework.

Polzella, Donald J., & Jeremy S. Forbis. "Relationships Between Different Types and Modes of Arts-Related Experience, Motivations, and Civic Engagement" (working paper, 2017).

University of Florida

Tyndall, Adrian, Jill Sonke, Marie-Carmelle Elie, Diana Wilkie, Henry Young, Muhammad Abdul Baker Chowdhury, Meenakshi Puthucode Balakrishnan, Cindy Montero, & Max Helgemo. “Music in Emergent Settings” (working paper, 2019).

University of Georgia

Melcher, Katherine. “Community-Built as a Professional Practice.” In Community-Built: Art, Construction, Preservation, and Place. Edited by Katherine Melcher, Barry Stiefel, and Kristin Faurest, 23–37. Community Development Research and Practice Series. London: Routledge, 2017. Free pre-print version.

University of Illinois at Chicago

LeRoux, Kelly, & Anna Bernadska. “Impact of the Arts on Individual Contributions to U.S. Civil Society”. Journal of Civil Society 10 (2014): 144-164. Free pre-print version.

LeRoux, Kelly, & Anna Bernadska. “Impact of the Arts on Individual Contributions to U.S. Civil Society”. Paper presented as part of the NEA Research: Art Works Panel (Chair, Melissa M. Menzer) at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Hartford, CT, November 2013.

University of Louisville

Meeks, Suzanne, Sarah Kelly Shryock, & Russell J. Vandenbroucke. "Theatre Involvement and Well-Being, Age Differences, and Lessons from Long-Time Subscribers." The Gerontologist 58, no. 2 (2017): 278-289. Free pre-print version.

Meeks, Suzanne, Russell J. Vandenbroucke, & S. Kelly Shryock. "Psychological Benefits of Attending the Theatre Associated with Positive Affect and Well-being for Subscribers over Age 60." Aging & Mental Health (2018): 1-8. Free pre-print version.

Vandenbroucke, Russell, & Suzanne Meeks. "How Theatre Encourages Well-being–and Can Engage a Wider Audience." New Theatre Quarterly 34, no. 4 (2018): 374-382. Free pre-print version.

University of Maryland at College Park

Elpus, Kenneth. "Arts Education and Positive Youth Development: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Outcomes of Adolescents who Study the Arts" (working paper, 2013).

Elpus, Kenneth. "Arts Education as a Pathway to College: College Admittance, Selectivity, and Completion by Arts and Non-Arts Students" (working paper, 2014).

Elpus, Kenneth. “Estimating the Effect of Music and Arts Coursework on College Admissions Outcomes”. Arts Education Policy Review 119 (2016): 111-123.

Elpus, Kenneth. “Music Education Promotes Lifelong Engagement with the Arts”. Psychology of Music 46 (2018): 155-173. Free pre-print version.

Elpus, Kenneth. “Understanding America’s Human Capital Investment in Arts Education: Arts Educators in the Nation’s Public Schools” (working paper, 2016).

Elpus, Kenneth. “Understanding the Availability of Arts Education in U.S. High Schools” (working paper, 2017).

Rowe, Meredith L., Virginia C. Salo, and Kenneth Rubin. "Toward Creativity: Do Theatrical Experiences Improve Pretend Play and Cooperation among Preschoolers?." American Journal of Play 10, no. 2 (2018). Free pre-print version.

University of Michigan

Harp, Gabriel, Debra Mexicotte, and Jack Bowman. “Impacts of Curricular and Co-Curricular Arts Engagement on Post-Secondary Student Development [Arts Engagement Project Working Paper]” (working paper, 2020). 

University of Minnesota

Susman-Stillman, Amy, Michelle Englund, Chloe Webb, & Amanda Grenell. “Reliability and Validity of A Measure of Preschool Children’s Theatre Arts Skills: The Preschool Theatre Arts Rubric”. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 45 (2018): 249-262.

University of Missouri, Columbia

Kim, Mirae. “Characteristics of Civically Engaged Nonprofit Arts Organizations: The Results of a National Survey”. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 46 (2017): 175-198. Free pre-print version.

Kim, Mirae. “Characteristics of Communities that House Community-Oriented, Civically-Engaged, and Socially-Conscious Nonprofit Arts Organizations” (working paper, 2016).

University of Missouri, Kansas City

Barber, Carolyn, & Jessica Ross. “Arts Participation as a Form of Voluntary Association Membership: A Unique Predictor of Adolescents’ Civic Behaviors and Attitudes” (working paper, 2017).

University of New Mexico

Bashwiner, David M., Christopher J. Wertz, Ranee A Flores, & Rex E. Jung. "Musical Creativity “Revealed” in Brain Structure: Interplay between Motor, Default Mode, and Limbic Networks". Nature: Scientific Reports 6 (2016). Pre-print version.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Shreeniwas, Sudha, Lia Miller, and Jeff D. Labban. “’From Pain to Paint’: A Systematic Evaluation of ARTmail for Alzheimer’s, A Structured Participatory Visual Arts Program for Seniors with Cognitive Symptoms” (working paper 2018).

University of Oregon

Gardner, Amanda, Lori L. Hager, & Grady Hillman. "Prison Arts Resource Project: An Annotated Bibliography" (working paper, 2014). Also available in updated format at Prison Arts Resource Project.

University of Southern California

Shannon, Brettany, & David C. Sloane. "Your Local Media Arts Organization: The Intersection of Media Arts, Organizational Mission, and Community Development" (working paper, 2015).

University of South Florida

Bugos, Jennifer. “Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial of Piano Training on Cognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes." Annuals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1423 (2018): 360-367.

University of Tennessee

Baxley, Joel, Susanne Burgess, Laurie Melnik, & Marrisa Nesbit. "Arts Education in the South, Phase II: Profiles of Quality" (2014).

University of Texas at Arlington

Grodach, Carl. "Urban Policymakers Need to Reconsider the Role of Arts Districts in Cities' Economic Development". Blog Post for USAPP—American Politics and Policy. Accessed July 2, 2014.

Grodach, Carl, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, Nicole Foster, & James Murdoch III. "The Location Patterns of Artistic Cultures: A Metro- and Neighborhood-Level Analysis". Urban Studies (2014): published online. Free pre-print version. Accessed February 12, 2014.

Grodach, Carl, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, Nicole Foster, & James Murdoch III. "The Location Patterns of Artistic Cultures: A Metro- and Neighborhood-Level Analysis". Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning/Association of European Schools of Planning Joint Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 2013.

Grodach, Carl, Nicole Foster, & James Murdoch III. "Gentrification and the Artistic Dividend: The Role of the Arts in Neighborhood Change". Journal of the American Planning Association 80 (2014): 21-35. Free pre-print version. Accessed May 20, 2015.

University of Texas at Austin

Ostrower, Francie. "Diversity on Cultural Boards: Implications for Organizational Value and Impact" (working paper, 2013).

Ostrower, Francie. "Diversity on Cultural Boards: Implications for Organizational Value and Impact." Paper presented as part of the NEA Research: Art Works Panel (Chair, Melissa M. Menzer) at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Hartford, CT, November 2013.

Ostrower, Francie. "Diversity on Cultural Boards." Invited presentation at Indiana University at Bloomington (SPEA), Bloomington, IN, April 2014.

Ostrower, Francie. "Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Boards". Paper presented as part of the Panel on Economy and Culture at the 18th International Conference on Cultural Economics, Montreal, Canada, July 2014.

University of Utah

"Ganning, Joanna. "The Impact of the Arts on Downtown Redevelopment for a Traditional City: Executive Summary" (2014).  

Ganning, Joanna. "Arts Stability and Growth amid Redevelopment in U.S. Shrinking Cities’ Downtowns: A Case Study". Economic Development Quarterly 30 (2016): 239-251. Free pre-print version.

Ganning, Joanna. "Did White Collar Kill the Bohemia Star? Downtown Economic Restructuring and the Changing Composition of Arts Employment" (working paper, 2014).

Ganning, Joanna. “The Relationship between the Arts and Downtown Redevelopment in a Shrinking City: A St. Louis Case Study.” Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Philadelphia, PA, October 2014.

Urban Institute

Treskon, Mark. "Measuring Creative Placemaking: Measuring Livability in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore" (2015).

Vanderbilt University

Tepper, Steven. "Artful Living... Examining the Relationship between Artistic Practice and Subjective Wellbeing across Three National Surveys" (2014).

Wayne State University

Moldavanova, Alisa, T. Lyke Thompson, Lauren Meloche, & Katelyn Burkart. “Making Sense of the Environment: Investigating the Locational Patterns of Cultural Organizations in Southeast Michigan” (working paper, 2018).  

West Chester University

Brown, Eleanor D., Mallory L. Garnett, Kate E. Anderson, & Jean-Philippe Laurenceau. “Can the Arts Get Under the Skin? Arts Classes and Cortisol for Economically Disadvantaged Preschool Children”. Child Development 88 (2017): 1368-1381. Free pre-print version.

Brown, Eleanor D., Mallory L. Garnett, Blanca M. Velazquez-Martin, and Timothy J. Mellor. "The Art of Head Start: Intensive Arts Integration Associated with Advantage in School Readiness for Economically Disadvantaged Children." Early Childhood Research Quarterly 45 (2018): 204-214.

Williams College

Pedroni, Peter, and Stephen Sheppard. "Culture Shocks and Consequences: The Causal Link between the Arts and Economic Growth" (2013).

Sheppard, Stephen. "Culture Concentrations: The Spatial Structure of Arts Nonprofits" (2013).

Yale University

Ivcevic, Zorana, Eliana Grossman, and Apara Ranjan. “Patterns of Psychological Vulnerabilities and Resources in Artists and Nonartists .” Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (in press, 2020). Free pre-print version.