We conduct audits of NEA programs and recipients of NEA grants, cooperative agreements and contracts to provide management with an independent assessment of the stewardship, performance, programs and operations. Our audits are conducted in accordance with U.S. Government Accountability Office's Government Auditing Standards

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Report Title   Report Number
Arizona Commission on the Arts   OIG-22-03
South Carolina Arts Commission   OIG-22-02
Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs   OIG-22-01
Washington State Arts Commission   OIG-21-03
Kansas Department of Commerce   OIG-21-02
Massachusetts Cultural Council   OIG-21-01-R
North Carolina Arts Council   OIG-20-04
Tennessee Arts Commission   OIG-20-03
New Jersey State Council on the Arts   OIG-20-02
The Writer’s Center   OIG-20-01
Education Commission of the States   LS-19-06
New England Foundation for the Arts   LS-19-05
South Arts   LS-19-04
Ohio Arts Council   LS-19-03
Mid-America Arts Alliance   LS-19-02
Mainstreet Uptown Butte, Inc.   LS-19-01
Texas Commission on the Arts   LS-18-03
American Architectural Foundation   LS-18-02
California Arts Council   LS-18-01
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts   LS-17-01
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies   LS-16-02
Mississippi Arts Commission   LS-16-01
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation   LS-15-02
Louisiana Division of the Arts   LS-15-01
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities   LS-13-04
Minnesota State Arts Board Limited Scope Audit   LS-13-03
Music-Theatre Group   LS-13-02
Arts Midwest Limited Scope Audit   LS-13-01
Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Inc. Report   LS-12-02
Illinois Arts Council Limited Scope Audit   LS-12-01
American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities   LS-11-02
Maryland State Arts Council Limited Scope Audit   LS-11-01
Family Resources Limited Scope Audit   LS-10-01
Virginia Commission on the Arts Limited Scope Audit   LS-09-03
Wisconsin Arts Board Limited Scope Audit   LS-09-02
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Limited Scope Audit   LS-09-01