Special Reviews and Evaluations

We conduct special reviews and evaluations to determine expeditiously whether a NEA award recipient's accounting system and management policies and controls are adequate to account for NEA funds in accordance with grant terms, applicable laws and regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles. The reviews and evaluations are performed in accordance with Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency's Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation. 

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Report Title Report Number Date
International Sonoran Desert Alliance, AZ ER-18-02  
Art 21, Inc. SCE-17-01  
Special Review on Houma Regional Arts Council R-15-02  
Northwest Heritage Resources SCE-15-02  
Confluences SCE-15-01  
State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education SCE-14-05  
Academy of American Poets SCE-14-04  
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts SCE-14-03  
American Documentary SCE-14-02  
BRIC Arts/Media/Bklyn, Inc. SCE-14-01  
Philadelphia Orchestra Association SCE-13-02  
Greater Philadelphia Culture Alliance SCE-13-01  
Financial Analysis Report on New Federal Theatre FA-13-01  
Music Theatre Group Disposition/Closeout R-13-04  
Americans for the Arts SCE-12-05  
Society for the Arts in Healthcare SCE-12-04  
Association of Performing Arts Presenters SCE-12-03  
Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events SCE-12-02  
National Building Museum SCE-12-01  
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra SCE-11-02  
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall SCE-10-03  
Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit SCE-10-02  
University Musical Society SCE-10-01  
Gulf Coast Youth Choir SCE-09-09  
Michigan Opera Theater SCE-09-08  
Florida Orchestra SCE-09-07  
Arts and Cultural Affairs Department of Tampa SCE-09-06  
Sphinx Organization SCE-09-05  
Virgin Island Evaluation Report LSE-09-01  
Woodland Pattern Evaluation Report SCE-09-04  
VSA Arts of New Mexico Evaluation Report SCE-09-03  
Tricklock Evaluation Report SCE-09-02  
Los Reyes de Albuquerque Foundation SCE-09-01  
Music Theater Group 2008 SCE-08-03