Creative Forces: Resources

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Creative Forces National Resource Center
Find information on Creative Forces research, as well as impacts of and insights into this initiative.

Creative Forces Fact Sheet
Brief summary of information about the initiative.

Expert Voices

The Mysteries That Drive Our Creative Forces
By Bill O’Brien, NEA senior advisor for innovation and director of Creative Forces

Veterans' Voices

First-person accounts about military service members’ experiences with creative arts therapies.

Andrew Bell
“My passion for music from before my injury helped me find my words more readily over time. Through music therapy I was able to express my feelings of frustration, love, and thankfulness for the life that was my new normal."

Anthony Mannino
“Music provides a buffer zone where I can feel more comfortable sharing things with others that are difficult to discuss in conversation.”

Marcie McCammond
“Art and music are very soothing activities which keep our minds and hands busy, thus relieving some tension and allowing us to open up to some other topics.”

Michael Rodriguez
“Art has many forms from painting to sculpting as well as blacksmithing and forging steel…treatment takes many forms as well. Art can bridge that gap.”

Michael Schneider
“I used music to bypass the injured sections of my brain and to stimulate other pathways in my healing process.”

Christopher Stowe
“I can state unequivocally that art therapy has helped me to be a better human, husband, father, and friend. I can also state unequivocally that art therapy has helped save my life.”