Collaging Color

The Artwork of Stephen Proski

Stephen Proski is a visually impaired artist whose work is displayed on the cover of this issue of NEA Arts. He’s a multimedia media artist who works with paint and found objects. His collages are unexpectedly fluid, often using his old paintings as the basis of new compositions. His work, which is characterized by bold color and strong presence in line and form, is creating quite a stir. In fact, the 24-year-old is a winner in this year’s VSA awards. (VSA is an international organization on arts, education and disability. Each year, it honors young artists with disabilities.)

Proski is a double-threat—he’s a visual artist as well as a talented composer. Blending synthetic sound with complex mixes,  Proski’s music possesses the  bold movement that can be seen in his visual pieces. We’ll hear some of his music throughout the interview—as well as Proski’s insights about his visual impairment and its impact on his creative process. 

Music Credit:

Excerpts from “Lackluster” and and “Queen Nothing,” created by and used courtesy of Stephen Proski.

Excerpts from "My Luck"  and “Night Owl,” by Broke For Free from the EP Directionless, used courtesy of Creative Commons and found on WFMU's Free Music Archive. 

Excerpt of "Tilly's Punctured Romancer" by Ergo Phizmiz from his album, Strange Things, used courtesy of Creative Commons and found on WFMU's Free Music Archive.