Exploring Our Town

Art works to support creative, economically-competitive, healthy, resilient, and opportunity-rich communities.

Art is an essential part of building a strong community, as important as land-use, transportation, education, housing, infrastructure, and public safety. 

Artists and community development practitioners across our nation --sometimes one and the same, sometimes working together -- are striving to make places more livable with enhanced quality of life, increased creative activity, a distinct sense of place, and vibrant local economies that together capitalize on their existing assets.

The NEA defines these efforts as Creative Placemaking, and funds them through the Our Town program.

Exploring Our Town responds to requests from the arts community for ready access to an easy-to-search resource on best practices. Divided into two sections, Project Showcase and Project Insights, Exploring Our Town offers practical information gleaned from the experiences of those who have successfully completed Our Town projects.

The NEA hopes Exploring Our Town will provide community leaders with essential guidance and inspiration in their arts-based community development work.

Learn more about the creation of the Exploring Our Town online resource and project team.