The Word on Shakespeare

Teachers Praise Shakespeare Kit

The National Endowment for the Arts has distributed almost 22,000 "Shakespeare in American Communities" educational packages free to junior high and high school teachers and librarians in the last few years. Here are just a few of the positive comments from grateful educators:

"The program did a wonderful job of demystifying Shakespeare for my students…"

"Shakespeare is a challenge for kids—this made it a little easier—more tangible and important, cool even!"

"The timeline poster and DVD, these high quality resources are the best I have seen for teaching about Shakespeare…"

"It broke down the myth of Shakespeare to something more accessible…"

"I like the illustration of iambic pentameter, and the modernity of the clips…"

"Providing this free of charge is a wonderful service, I have shown it to several teachers who will use it next year…"

"The DVD had the students' interest from the second it came on…"

"Contemporary actors kept the interest of students."

"Quite cohesive—materials worked well together and blended with my own units associated with reading…"

"The video draws the students in with the movie scenes and the recitation contest is great!"

"Excellent quality! These materials were very helpful, I'm thankful to get them…"

"It is thoughtfully prepared to enhance a child's interest in Shakespeare…"

"The whole program is wonderful!"

"I was very impressed by the brilliant production, I certainly didn't expect anything on this magnitude!"

"It really drew my students in and helped them 'feel' and understand Shakespeare and his writings…"

"Everything was free!"

"The collateral material is awesome! We need more copies!"

"Students were given the opportunity to perform in a stress-free environment. We used the contest as a catalyst for creating a presentation…"

"All of the materials supported the focus wonderfully…"

"I loved the teaching materials that came with the DVD/video…"

"The entire kit is great!"

"It was so interesting and complete!"