Telling Our Stories

2009, Number 3

2009 Number 3
About this issue: 

How do you tell a story? Oral storytelling has been practiced for generations around campfires and dinner tables, in barrooms and barbershops. But there are also other ways to tell a story: there is music, there is dance, there is basket weaving and pottery. These too tell the stories of our culture, both individual and shared. The folk and traditional arts, passed down hand-to-hand, from elder to apprentice, bear our nation’s history—our story of a multitude of cul- tures uniquely stitched together—in songs, in dances, in crafts.

Cover Credit: 

Stitched artwork by Margaret Cusack, photographed by Gamma One Conversions. Margaret Cusack is an illustrator, graphic designer, and textile artist—all in one. By applying graphic design techniques to her fabric collages, she has created unique stitched artworks that have appeared on magazine covers worldwide, as well as billboards, posters, and postage stamps.

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